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A squirrel with a potty mouth


simonMy clients, Cindy and Robert, have four cats. These four have been friends for years. Then a few months ago, Simon (top left) started chasing and beating up Ginger (bottom left). Ginger took to hiding out under the bed. 

Cindy and Robert were worried for Ginger, who was miserable. Simon was cranky. 

I tuned into Toby, their chatty gray tabby, who likes to dish the dirt, and asked “What’s the deal with Simon and Ginger?”

ginger“Well,” Toby said, “Ginger said something nasty to Simon, and she won’t apologize. So Simon says he won’t let her out until she does.” 

Then Simon told me that Ginger had been sitting in the spot he wanted, next to Robert’s chair. So he tried to push her out of his way. Ginger hissed and called him a “f$%kface”.  

I snorted coffee out of my nose. Simon was so upset that she’d say something like that to him. 

You take that back!
Simon told her to take it back. Ginger said, “No way.” So, Simon says he’s making her stay under the bed until she apologizes. I told him I’d try to get her to apologize.

Ginger told me that she would not apologize because Simon “was not the boss of her”. I told her that she needed to apologize because that was very rude, and I could sense she was thinking about it. 

Where did you pick up such colorful language, I asked, and Ginger told me, “I heard a squirrel say it to Emma.” (She’s one of the family dogs) 

Robert told Ginger that words from potty-mouth squirrels are not for lady-like cats. Since this conversation, Ginger came out from under the bed.

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