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Ask the Animal Communicator – When Pets Pass Away


sammy_angel_jv1A Pawfun Blog reader writes: Dear Bridget: I am in mourning over the loss of our family pet who we put down yesterday. I want to know if she is happy, will we see her again in this life time, and can she comfort my daughter who is distraught over her passing?

Pet psychic Bridget Pilloud of Pets are Talking, says: I am so very sorry about the loss of your pet. It’s heartbreaking when we lose our friends. I can’t answer your questions specifically without a consult, but I would love to talk about pets passing away and the other side. 

When pets pass to the other side, they lose the burdens of the physical world. Their physical pain goes away. Their emotional pain goes away. Any confusion or concerns they may have in our world is gone.

Animals on the other side are happy, so very, very happy. They have great joy. They harbor no ill will towards their family and friends still on earth. Owners tend to have regrets and guilt. Animals on the other side are beyond forgiving. They tend to say, “You’re still thinking about that? Get over it! It’s fine!”

After they pass, animals come back in spirit form to help us grieve. It’s good to talk with them. They are here to comfort us. As we move on, so do they, though some relationships are so important to them, that they may stick around for years and years, if it’s helpful to their owners. 

Reincarnation does occur, but not always. People and pets tend to incarnate in the same familial groups, but that doesn’t mean that your pet may come back in this lifetime. It all depends on whether it is good for you, part of your life plan and part of  your pet’s purpose. 

For example, my dog, Benicio Del Perro, hasn’t shared a life with me since the 1600’s. My good friend, Jill, has a cat who’s on his third life with her, in this lifetime of hers alone! 

I have a few stories about animals that have passed over, and what they’ve had to say, on my blog.

I hope that you find comfort at this difficult time.

The dog in the photo is the dear, late, Sam Ochman. Photo digitized by Judy Vorfeld.

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I did learn a lot when my dog passed away. it was a good experience for me, finally closing the heartache.


My dear petey passed away last year, I am still grieving terribly, Sometimes the grief is almost to much to bear. Can you help me?

BL Ochman

Hi – I’m sorry, but we’re not working with our animal communicator any longer.

I know, firsthand, the grief of losing a beloved pet. For me, opening my heart to another dog helped a whole lot. It’s been 7 years, and I still miss my Sammy. That’s him in the photo above. :>)
Peace by with you,


I lost best friend named Chico. He was a red headed amazon. I left for a Dr appt and he was fine. I came home and he was gone. I found him about 30 min later under my bed barely moving. I found a vet who works with birds and the vet told me his lungs were completely clogged and he was very sick. I was told they could try to help him but I was told it would prolong his suffering. I decided to put him to sleep. I did not not they do not find a vein in birds to inject them. They gave him a shot in his body and about 10 min later brought him out in a box to me. I was holding the box and paying. The receptionist and myself heard a scratiching noise in the box. I thought it was the receit rubbing on the box. I took him home and I have a stack of tires with a bedspread i use to take my puppies bye bye. I opend the box to say goodbye to chico. I saw how he was laying in the box. I closed the box up and put it on the blanket. I was going to bury him in the morning. That night the temp was 28 degrees. I came outside and dug a hole in my yard. I went to the box with chico and opened it to say goodbye one last time. He was in a completely new position. He was still alive when I left in the garage. I called the vet and told them what happend. I was told how they put him to sleep and was told its very rare for that to happen since the inject the shot into his body. This is just killing me knowing he died in a freezing garage.Please help do you think he hates me for what I did to him?

BL Ochman

Hi Jeff – so sorry to hear this awful experience! And also sorry to say that our animal communicator is no longer writing for us.