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Ask Pawfun’s Pet Psychic: What do animals see and smell?



I don’t know why, but in all my conversations as a pet psychic, it never occurred to me to ask my pet clients what they could see. I often ask them how they are feeling, but asking what they are seeing just never occurred to me. It makes sense that they are experiencing our conversations in a multi-sensate way.

This morning, I had a lovely conversation with this fellow, a horse named Willz. And I made a discovery!

Here’s how our conversation went:
After I greeted Wilz, he said, “Those are some nice flowers.” (I have a bouquet of white mock orange on my desk.)

Me: “Thanks! You can see them?”

Wilz: “I can see them and smell them!” 

I asked, “Can you see me?”

“Of course.”

“What do you I look like to you?”

Willz said, “You are making a funny face!”  (Sometimes, when I concentrate, I squish my eyebrows together, and squinch my nose up.)

I said “I am, huh?”

Willz said, “You look nice and soft. Do you ride?”

“Yes, I do ride, though I think I’m much bigger than your owner.”

“I’d let you ride me,” Willz said.

“I’d be honored!” I said.

“That’s why I told you, and that’s why I’d let you.” Willz said.

What a happy discovery!

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