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Crafty Yellow Yellow, Bear Genius, Becoming the Stuff of Legend as She Outsmarts Bear-Proof Canisters



The Bear Vault 500 has as stymied grizzly bears weighing up to 1,000 pounds in Yellowstone National Park. It was built to be impenetrable, and its double-tabbed lid is designed to keep campers’ food in and bears out. But, in the Adirondacks, according to the New York TImes, “a relatively tiny, extremely shy middle-aged black bear named Yellow-Yellow” has turned the Bear Vault into a pop-top picnic.

She’s so crafty that she’s fast becoming the stuff of legend. She was featured in Adirondack Explorer Magazine last month, and she’s been seen teaching two apprentices how to foil the Bear Vault. Nobody seems to have filmed Yellow Yellow plundering, but it is thought that she depresses one tab with her teeth, turns the lid, uses her teeth on the second tab, and then opens it.

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