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Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson at Lion Park. Don’t Try This at Home, Boys & Girls!


Kevn Richardson, animal behaviorist and trainer, runs Lion Park in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Using only love and positive re-inforcement, he has been accepted as a member of a pride of lions, and a pack of hyenas. This trailer is the promo for a one-hour DVD called “Dangerous Companions.” I’ll say!

And to think: my one little domestic tabby, Noni, (the one who’s purring in my lap right now, and stalking my orchid in this photo) terrorizes BennyBix Ochman Labradoodle Puppy.

Lion Park runs children’s birthday parties (gasp!) and a family brunch (for humans) on Sundays.

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Peter Dickinson

It is as clever as it is dangerous and I fail to see what particular behaviours will be learned from such unnecessary and risky interaction. I don’t believe that there is any such thing as a ‘Lion Whisperer’ as anyone hand rearing could do the same thing. All this said I believe that the animals have not been declawed or pulled about on chains so are far better off with Kevin Richardson than with Craig Busch.


wow..that’s an amazing video — especially the scene where he’s sleeping with them!


I think Kevin is the most amazing and wonderful person. The video is absolutely wonderful as well as the treatment of the animals. Being a lover of Hyenas, they are absolutely beautiful. If only more people adopted Kevin’s approach to the care & treatment of our beautiful animals. Animals are precious and majestic. Well done Kevin !


Oh my God, this is amazing. I wish I could meet this man ! But South Africa is a bit too far from France ^_^


I am amazed. This has always been my dream. I love animals and cats are my passion. You are a beautiful soul to live your life showing people how beautiful these creations are. I would love to hug a lion, but in the meantime, i work rescuing and adopting cats to loving homes.


wow kevin ur awesome, ur connection with wild animal’s to this range with respect, love n trust cant b achieved by any other person in the world, hat’s off to u n ur family for doing such a great dedications towards the wild life, really admire u for wat ur doing.


i can’t speak englisch i speak german but this video or the other videos in you tube is amazing !! I want always live such life. But i live in Switzerland and i think i can never live together with lions :'(


hi kevin watched you today on animal whisperer and this made me so happy keep it up thanks.