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Hippo Mojo


hippoThis post is from my friend Dick Waterman’s music blog. Check out his wonderful photos of music legends from Muddy Waters to Mick Jagger.

OK, pop quiz time.

What animal kills more human beings around the world in the course of a year?

Lion, tiger or snake?


The answer: the hippo.

Yes, these are true words that I bring to you.

It seems that hippos are extremely territorial so they feel challenged when native women come to the river bank to wash their clothes. Considering that they can weigh up to 10,000 pounds and move it at speeds up to 35 miles an hour, the women are badly outmatched.

They are also quite excellent swimmers and can easily overtake a small boat and flip it over.

All of which brings back the memory of when I was in Africa with Chicago blues man Junior Wells in 1967. We were taken on an excursion on a river that had numerous hippos on the river bank. So I made like Humphrey Bogart in “The African Queen” and stuck my thumbs in my ears and made braying noises at the hippos.

Then one of the bigger ones slid into the water, headed our way and disappeared from sight. Junior and I looked at each other and my eyes probably got as huge as his did. We looked down just as a huge shadow passed under the boat. That mother could have flipped us over like a wood chip.

So remember, hippos carry some bad mojo . . .

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