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Ask the Pet Food Expert: What to feed a Golden Doodle with a sensitive stomach?

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A Pawfun Blog readers asks: What do you suggest I feed a 11.5 month old male Golden Doodle (English Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle) who weighs 66.6 pounds, is fairly active and has the most sensitive stomach with, for the most part soft stools and very large. He’s currently eating Wellness Large Breed Puppy Food.

He has been tested, has no parasites and is healthy. He does often like to eat grass. It’s almost time to go to adult food but I don’t know what to use. Chicken is the main source of protein. Lamb appears to be a big no. Many thanks.

B.L. says: I’m Pawfun’s co-founder, not Pawfun’s usual pet food expert, but I had to become an expert on what to feed Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle, who had (past tense!) an incredibly sensitive stomach until we found the right diet. It was a group effort!

Anthony Holloway of k9 Cuisine, and our holistic vet, Dr Jill Elliot, helped me figure out that Benny was allergic to chicken. I used to feed him a raw diet of beef, or pork, cooked vegetables and Dr Pitcarin’s Healthy Powder, along with marrow bones. Poor Benny had tummy aches, loose stools and worse, and was on medication for most of his first three years.

Then Dr Elliot suggested switching him to fish-based, grain-free kibble and Anthony Holloway sent us Nature’s Variety Frozen Lamb Patties.

Twice a day, Benny gets Orijen’s Fresh Fish and Sea Vegetables kibble, plus a Nature’s Variety patty, steamed broccoli or string beans, raw salad, apples, and some table scraps.

He also gets a beef marrow bone every day. I keep them in the freezer after I get them from the butcher. And even though he’s four – when most dogs need dental cleaning – his teeth are gorgeous and white and he’s been off medication for more than a year.

The majority of Doodle owners I’ve talk to tell me that their Doods have sensitive stomachs as puppies. Most outgrow it, but many have serious allergies to grains, chicken and other foods. And these often go undiagnosed.

Good luck with your Doodle! Let us know how he is doing.

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