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PETA sticks cardboard head into restaurant Moose case


Perpetually busy animal activists, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have made a curious offer in the odd case of a woman bonked on the head by a wall-mounted moose head at a Manhattan restaurant.

PETA offered to replace the stuffed heads of dead animals with cardboard or inflatable plastic faux animals heads at restaurants nationwide. “We want to help restaurants ditch dead decor and go friendly faux,” says PETA president Ingrid Newkirk.

While PETA surely has done good for many animals, this offer is right up there with their suggestion that the milk kids leave for Santa to have with his cookies is making him impotent.

PETA sent a letter to the 380,000-member National Restaurant Association, offering to trade in their taxidermy for fakes.

The offer stems from an incident in which 32 year-old Raina Kumra was bonked on the head by a 150-pound moose head that fell off the wall at a lower east side restaurant. Her lawsuit against the restaurant claims she suffered a concussion and has chronic neck pain as a result.

Perhaps, Newkirk wrote in PETA’s letter to the restaurant association, it was “the departed moose’s way of taking revenge on restaurant owners who are disrespectful enough to display their remains.”
Or not.

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Considering they can supply cardboard heads for about $50 each and sell the real thing on eBay or at auction for several hundred, I can certainly see where PETA is coming from.



Seems like a nice Idea but it will never work.


Its a good idea that a card can replace the preserve head moose wall decor.In this time the moose are really endangered species.Its nice to have that one in the wall decoration instead of having the true one head moose.Its a good job to the people doing this job.

Its really a good creation and a good idea.