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Baby bear cub vs cougar: 22 years & 23 million views later


Watch this in full screen to get the full effect. It’s guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat!

This is a scene from the acclaimed 1988 French film, “L’Ours” (The Bear) about an orphaned bear cub who is befriended by an adult make Grizzly Bear as hunters pursue them through the wilds of British Columbia.

Based on the novel, The Grizzly King by James Oliver Curwood, the film is directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, and the screenplay is by GĂ©rard Brach. This clip has been viewed more than 23 million times on YouTube since it was put online in 2007!

Film critic Roger Ebert wrote: “The Bear … is not a cute fantasy in which bears ride tricycles and play house. It is about life in the wild, and it does an impressive job of seeming to show wild bears in their natural habitat” and that scenes from the film, especially those “of horseplay and genuine struggles – gradually build up our sense of the personalities of these animals”.

Guess what movie we’re renting this weekend?!

Hat tip to Ed Miller

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