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Pawfun Interview: Realtor Donna Bradbury on how to find a pet-friendly apartment in New York City


Pawfun interviewed Citi-Habitats real estate agent Donna Bradbury to learn the best way to find a pet friendly apartment in New York City.

Hint: your dog needs a resume and references.

Pawfun: Has it gotten more difficult to find a pet-friendly apartment in New York City?

Bradbury (L): It is difficult to find any apartment in NYC. The market is tight and if you find yourself in need of a new apartment it is best to be totally equipped especially if you have a larger sized dog. I have attached my 5 tips to help give a renter the best possible advantage.

Pawfun: What’s the best way to look for pet-friendly apartments?

Bradbury: You can search the web as a few of the pet friendly Management Company advertise their units no fee. If you can afford a fee it is best to use a pet friendly real estate agent like me. They can help you present the best package to the management company you are hoping to work with.

Pawfun: Are there types of apartments to avoid (first floor, for example)

Bradbury: It is really more about your pet, as an example if you have a jumpy pet it may be best to not pick an apartment by the steps or elevator or in the front of the building on the first floor.

Pawfun: I’ve read that some landlords now charging fees, in addition to rent, for pets. Is that legal?

Bradbury: I am not an attorney so I don’t feel it is my place to address the legality of pet fees, however, pet deposits are quite common.

Your dog needs a resume and references
Pawfun: How should you present your dog to a landlord? Should your dog have references? A resume?

Bradbury: A pet resume is a wonderful thing. You can list any training the pet has had, if you have a dog walker, post a photo and attach reference letters from your current neighbors and landlord. It shows that your pet is attended to. You can even have a letter from your vet stating your pet is up to date on appointments and shots etc.

Gather references for your pet: Your pet is well behaved, you take care of your pet, your pet doesn’t run rampant all over the city. This will show the landlord you’re coming into that you’ve taken care of your pet and people like you.

For references, hit up your landlord, your vet and a neighbor who lived directly above or below you. A note from a daytime caregiver can work on two levels. Something that shows [you] can afford to have a dog walker helps a lot.

Include any certificates of completed training, and then put everything together with a cover page that shows a cute picture of your furry friend.

Pawfun: What are the three most important things a renter needs to know in order to successfully land a pet-friendly apartment?

Bradbury: (1) Have a pet resume! (2) Be Honest about your pet and its size and disposition, (3) work with a knowledgeable pet friendly agent.

Pawfun: Like you :>) Thank you!

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May 29, 2012

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