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Pawfun Product Test: Sniffers – odor absorbing “puppies” – great for households with pets


Sniffers are “puppies” stuffed with Zeolite, a 100% natural odor-absorbing mineral. Instead of masking odors, Sniffers absorb them.

I have one in the bathroom (L) near the cat litter, and it has significantly reduced odors left by Mr. Stinky, aka Noni Kitty.

Four different Sniffer puppies are available, at $12.99 each. Once a year, you put them in the sun for 24-48 hours to “recharge” them, according to the Sniffers website.

Note: Zeolite is non-toxic and even has medical uses according to Wikipedia. However, since Sniffers look like stuffed toys, you need to be sure they are out of reach of pets.

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