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ASPCA Ads cheer up with adorable Hovercat promoting shelter adoptions


June is Adopt a Cat Month and the ASPCA has cheered up its advertising with the hard dancing Hovercat.

The ASPCA says Nightline’s Dan Harris, who makes a cameo appearance in the video, adopted an amazing cat, named George, who can hover. The minute Harris leaves the house, George starts his hover dance, which really does rock.

“There are millions of other animals waiting to be adopted,” the ASPCA advises. “Get one and make your own viral videos.”

After years of tortuing late night TV viewers with the maudlin, depressing, slit your wrists because you can’t adopt them all right now Sarah McLachlan “In the Arms of an Angel” plea, the ASPCA has turned to humor and fun to persuade people to adopt sheloter cats. Great decision!

The McLachlan video was voted “most hated commercial” at a recent social media for non-profits conference. It provokes comments like this one:
“hi, im Sarah McLachlan. and i’m here to ruin your´╗┐ fu*king day with tears and depression…”

While it’s easy to understand the reason for the sad appeal, humor and an upbeat approach are a welcome relief. It will be interesting to see the stats on which of the two approaches is more successful in promoting adoptions and raising funds.

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