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Petco recalls some stainless steel bowls because of possible radioactive Cobalt 60 contamination


Petco has issued a recall of some stainless steel dog bowls because of Cobalt 60 contamination – which emits low levels of radiation. Go to their website. Type in “dog bowl recall”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. See anything about it? Nope? Why not?

From Petco’s statement – found with a Google search because you cannot find it by searching their website:

“We don’t know for certain how it got into our product, but we believe it came from scrap metal that had some Cobalt-60 accidentally mixed in. The affected products were found to emit low levels of radiation.”

From Petco’s recall notice:
“Petco has notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and a number of state governments, and is in the process of notifying other appropriate states as we continue to collect and verify information.”

“Petco tested other stainless steel pet products it carries from other suppliers and found no similar issues. The supplier that produced the affected products has told us that it has already instituted special screening procedures. We are in the process of reviewing those procedures ourselves, and we have put a hold on future shipments until this issue is resolved.

Customers who purchased these products between the dates of May 31 and June 20, 2012, should bring it to their local Petco store for a full refund. If you have any questions, please call Petco Customer Service at 877-738-6742.

SKU numbers can be found on labels inside and on the bottom of the bowls.”

According to Chicago Now, several stores in Chicago received shipments of the bowls. The site doesn’t list the country of origin, which is certainly important. Why not?

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