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“Friendship or Love”, starring Zeus the dog, Roxanne the dolphin and some humans


Spend the time to watch this wonderful video! You won’t be sorry. The dog and the dolphin both should get Academy Awards.

The 1997 film, starring Zeus the Dog and Roxanne, the Dolphin, as well as humans Steve Guttenberg and Kathleen Quinlan, was made in the Florida Keys, at the Oceanography Institute. How they ever made this film will stay a secret.

The person who uploaded this video clip and added the music, identified herself only as Jelena from Croatia on YouTube, and says “This video iz from the Movie “Zeus & Roxanne”, and I put 3 Songs of Demis Roussos: 1.) “My Friend the Wind” 2.) “Wedding Song” 3.) “Goodbye my love goodbye.”

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Anne Jerome

I love this video for a couple of reasons: it’s tremendously healing( I am a cancer survivor and this video lifted my spirits during some challenging times)and we have 4 young impressionable grand kiddies who ask for this video.
How and where can I buy it?


I want thé clip with Demis Roussos. Dolphin an dod In lové

Tanks .