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Humpback whale shows amazing appreciation after its heroic rescue


What a remarkable story! Michael Fishbach and friends were sailing around the Sea of Cortez when they encountered a stranded humpback whale. She was so tangled in a mass of nylon fishermen’s netting and gear that she was starting to drown.

Fishbach went into the water with a snorkel to see what was going on, realizing that the whale could have killed him with one flip. But she seemed to immediately know he was there to help.

He and his friends worked tirelessly, with nothing but one small knife as a tool, for over an hour, managing to free the whale.

Then an amazing thing happened: The freed whale stopped 500 feet from their small boat and put on a beautiful show for more than an hour.

It was at least an expression of pure joy, and very likely, a whale-sized “Thank You”

The video has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube, and is worth taking a break to see. Absolutely inspiring to see the kindness of the humans and the communication between the species.

Fishbach and Gershon Cohen went on to found The Great Whale Conservancy, a non-profit that works to help protect whales. Follow them on Twitter

via Karen Strauss

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