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27,000 public votes pick $10,000 winner in Humane Society’s chimpanzee art contest


The Humane Society of the United States has announced the winners of a chimpanzee art contest, selected by 27,000 public votes for chimps at eight American chimp sanctuaries.

Prizes are in the form of grants to the sanctuaries that provide care for the mammals retired from research, pet trade and entertainment.

These original chimpanzee masterpieces will be auctioned off on eBay soon; proceeds will benefit the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance

Chimp artistThe $10K 1st prize went to Brent at Chimp Haven (Keithville, LA)
Brent paints only with his tongue. His unique approach and style, while a little unorthodox, results in beautiful pieces of art. He’s 37 years old and has lived at Chimp Haven since 2006.

The $5K 2nd prize went to Cheetah at Save the Chimps (Ft. Pierce, FL)
Cheetah, estimated to be born in the 1970’s, lived alone in a laboratory for 19 years and endured over 400 over biopsies. He was rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002 and has since discovered his passion for painting.

The $2,500 3rd prize went to Ripley at the Center for Great Apes (Wauchula, FL)
Like many chimpanzees used as actors, Ripley was eventually dumped in a roadside zoo. There, he witnessed the shooting death of his brother and two other chimp companions after human error resulted in the chimpanzees’ escape. Ripley found sanctuary at Center for Great Apes and impresses his caretakers with his resilience and forgiveness.

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