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How to Separate Cats and Dogs to Keep Household Peace


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Noni&BennyTalkSmallSometimes, a cat and a dog can coexist peacefully in a household. If yours, on the other hand, can’t seem to stop feuding, you’ll need to find a solution that doesn’t involve removing any of your beloved pets from your home. Let’s take a look at your options.

The Wrong Way
Before we look at some of the good solutions to a feuding pets problem, let’s discuss some of the not-so-good options. Keeping either your dogs or cats in a crate or cage is one way to ensure they don’t cross paths. However, this is certainly not a solution for long periods of time. Limiting the movements of your cats or dogs will make them unhappy and unhealthy. Not to mention, if one animal is allowed to roam while the other is locked up, the free animal could antagonize whoever is in the cage, leading to great amounts of stress and fear.

Temporary Means of Separation
If your cats and dogs just can’t get along, an easy, one temporary solution is to confine your pets to different areas of your home. For example, your cats might have their very own bedroom with the door kept closed, or your dogs might take up residence in the utility room. In this case, they could take turns being let out to enjoy some more space. It’s also possible to use baby gates to limit your pets’ access to certain areas of your home. The only problem with these methods, however, is that it can be quite inconvenient to constantly need to step over gates and remember to keep the necessary doors closed. While perhaps not ideal, it works.

Electronic Containment
A more permanent solution that many pet owners are considering is electronic containment. The same principles and equipment of an invisible dog fence can be used to separate cats and dogs within the home or yard. In the yard, an electronic dog fence can be used to create a custom-shaped zone that’s meant for your dogs only. As long as your cats prefer to stay away from your dogs, this is an excellent way to ensure they don’t mingle while outside. Outdoor cats will be free to come and go with the reassurance that the dogs won’t be unexpectedly outside of their designated space. There are also e-collars designed for cats. If your cats are well-trained, you can use a compatible electronic fence to keep them safe inside your yard in their own zone.

Indoors, electronic barriers can be placed in doorways and hallways to separate your pets. With these tools, your own path won’t be obstructed, and you won’t have to worry about anyone forgetting to shut a door and letting the cats or dogs out. These barriers are easy and quick to install. A wireless dog fence can also be used within the home, as well as outside.

Choosing an Electronic System
If you’re interested in installing an electronic fence, a DIY electric fence is easy for anyone to install in the yard over the course of a weekend. It’s just important that you choose the correct system for the size of your pets and the size of your yard. Dog electric fence reviews http://www.dogfencediy.com/reviews/petsafe-ultrasmart-pig0013619/ and comparison charts can help you select an appropriate fence. Online customer reviews can also give you valuable insight into other people’s experiences and what worked or didn’t work for people who have used the systems themselves. Doing-it-yourself is also cheaper than having the professionals come install an invisible fence.

No matter what type of containment system you choose, training is the most important aspect to ensure success. It can take 15-30 minutes per day for two weeks to train your pets on the invisible dog fence system and teach them their new boundaries. Your personal dedication to training and following the correct procedure is essential. Once your pets have learned, they will not feel the mild corrective shock of their e-collars unless they deliberately ignore the warning tone and willingly cross the set perimeter.

With careful consideration, it is possible for even the cats and dogs who get along the very least to coexist peacefully. With the right methods and tools, your house can be a home to all of the cats and dogs you love and care for.

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