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Pawfun in the Press

Here’s some of what people are saying about custom-photo-t-shirts and tote bags at Pawfun.com:

Cleanybeany Blog I just couldn’t help getting her a Chihuahua tote bag that I had made off PawFun.com. I took a photo of Lola and was able to play around with it by cropping and adding fun simple graphics. I was even able to add a conversation bubble that said, “I come from a place of Bling” …You can always use bags, to go to the store, travel, gym etc.

Go to Pawfun.com for a unique fun gift for your pet lover, it’s fun, easy no glue, no post office and completely unique.

Scratchings and Sniffings Blog
Put Your Pet in the Obama Family Portrait! Courtesy of Pawfun

“[Pawfun’s] a delightful post card image of our new first family…to which we pet lovers can add a picture of our pet! Your own e-post card! You gotta try it… I did

Hop over and have some fun at BL’s new site. Order your T-shirt…or, if you live in the NorthEast, like I do, order a sweatshirt!”

Life in the Short Lane:
Lily the Labradoodle’s Very Short Reign as an Obama

“Visit the newly launched Pawfun.com, where you can upload your own pet photo and send this free e-card. In addition you can customize your furry friend’s photos and order tee shirts.”

Bella the Cat Makes the Big Time with the Obamas: Maggie, are you watching?

“That’s what we gals like – something fun to do during those little breaks in our day…something to share with family and friends…something that involves the most beloved creatures in our lives: our cats! Or dogs….I’m in for the fun and the pet pics…how about you?”


adrantsShortys Discounted, Paws Funned, Commercials Hated
Pawfun.com Launch – Press Release
– Check out Paw Fun, a t-shirt site which spoofs Obama, will let you put your pet in the White House. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Publicity Hound
Put Your Pet in the White House
publicityhound1How about giving the First Family a taste of what the White House will look like if they choose a pet just like yours? Heck, let’s make your pet the Official Obama Pet–right now!

Head over to Pawfun.com, a new custom photo T-shirt site for pet lovers and participate in the Obama spoof that lets you super- impose a photo of your pet, and then send it as an e-card.

That’s what I did this morning. You can see Bogie, my German Shorthaired Pointer, peeking out from under the president’s outstretched arm, to the left of the photo

While you’re at the site, how about ordering a T-shirt that shows your pet with its new owners?


Customizable Pawfun.com e-Card Lets You Put Your Pet in the Obama White House

A free, customizable Obama Pet Spoof from Pawfun.com custom-t-shirts puts your pet in President Elect Barack Obama’s White House.

obamacardforblogNew York, NY January 18, 2009 — In the midst of global Obama mania, the new custom-photo-t-shirt website Pawfun.com has created an Obama pet spoof. Pawfun’s free, customized e-card puts your pet’s picture into President Elect Barack Obama’s family photo. You can send the Obama family photo, featuring your pet as an e-card, and print it on a custom-t-shirt. The headline on the Obama pet spoof photo says your pet was selected as the official Obama pet.

The big news on ABC TV’s interview with President Elect Obama last weekend wasn’t world events. The real news was that the choice of puppy for Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, has been narrowed to Labradoodle or Portugese Water Dog. But lots of people think their pet would be a better choice, so Pawfun’s spoof e-card lets them demonstrate how well their creature would fit into the Obama family.

Pawfun – Personalized Pet-Photo-T-Shirts
Pawfun.com – the new website where you can design a custom-photo t-shirt featuring your pet – launched this week. Using Pawfun’s Design Wizard, visitors can upload a photo of their pet, add speech bubbles, thought bubbles, clip art and other features to the photo, and then order it printed on a one-of-a-kind photo t-shirt. Pawfun has no minimum order, no set-up charges and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pawfun.com uses high-quality Direct to Garment (DTG) printing so printed t-shirts are soft and the photo image is remarkably clear. Pawfun customers also can send friends an e-card featuring the image of their pet that they design for their t-shirts.

Founders are renowned social media marketers
Pawfun.com is the creation of co-founders B.L. Ochman, social media strategy consultant to Fortune 500 companies and publisher of the popular What’s Next Blog; Caimin Jones, web developer, WordPress wizard, and creator of games, flash applications, and photography; and the mysterious Chairman Meow.