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BL Ochman

B.L. Ochman is co-founder of Pawfun - the free custom photo ecard site for pet lovers. She's also the human companion of Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle.

She heads the creative team of whatsnextonline.com, blogs at What's Next Blog, grows orchids, and is a really pretty good swing dancer.

PawFun blog posts by BL Ochman

A cat in a shark suit, riding a vacuum

Note to self: immediately purchse shark costume for Noni Kitty Ochman

A dog with perfect pitch

Dog Song

This White Shepherd, Wagner, is singing to Daft Punks’ “Get Lucky.”
And he’s got perfet pitch.

Adorable “Hello Kitten” by ZeFrank at BuzzFeed approaches 13 million views

Ok, it’s an ad, but it’s adorable!

The ever-fabulous ZeFrank, online performance artist, composer and humorist, (with whom I have long been mad about!) narrates an ad for cat food, telling the story of an older cat initiating a new kitten into the rules of the household. It’s approaching 13 million views after just a couple of weeks online.

Will it make me feed my cat Purina? No. But it will make me think they are a creative company with a terrific agency. :)

Dear Kitten

Dogswell celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day

Work is one of the top causes of stress.

June 23 was Take Your Dog to Work Day and Dogswell – maker of premium pet treats and food – decided to celebrate with a wonderful surprise.


Shouldn’t every day be take your dog to work day?

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June 23, 2014

How to train your dragon (pug puppy version)

Cuteness alert! How to Train Your Dragon (pug puppy version) is produced for The Pet Collective by FremantleMedia, the global company behind such hits as American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

Pet Collective’s popular live streams can be found on YouTube and at The Pet Collective website. Pet lovers can also follow them on multiple social media sites.

See Why You Should *NEVER* Leave Your Dog in a Parked Car on a Warm Day

It’s that time of year again. The days are warm and people just don’t realize how dangerous – and often fatal – it can be to leave a dog in a parked car. Don’t do it for “just a minute.”

Don’t do it “with the windows cracked” and don’t leave the dog in the car in the shade.

Here’s why – demonstrated in a way I hope you’ll never forget!

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.46.56 AM

Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward set out to see what it feels like for a dog helplessly trapped in a hot car – with the windows cracked. Armed with a clock,a thermometer and a video camera, Dr. Ward sat in his car, where it took only a few minutes for the temperature to reach to a sweltering – deadly – 116 degrees.

Humans sweat, Dr Ward explains, but dogs don’t have that cooling function. Their internal body temperature rises and in the 30 minutes a dog would be dead.

NEVER leave your dog in a car on a warm day – even with the windows open, even in the shade, even for a few minutes. NEVER.

Hat Tip to Toby Bloomberg

Dolphin rescue: extremely rare footage of spontaneous Brazilian beach rescue!

According to comments on a Facebook posting of this video, these 30+ dolphins might have been chased by something. And it was extremely important to get them back in the water quickly when they beached themselves.

This will restore your faith in humanity!

7 week-old Golden Retriever Puppy Litter Takes First Swim

So adorable to see these funny, chubby little pups introduced to the water, swimming like fish in a matter of minutes.

Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle had to be coaxed into swimming by another dog who was an old hand at it.

Chini Project: Chinese Crested Dog Photographed in Human Professions

ChiniBakerIrina Werning, a Buenos Aires-based photographer, says she really never noticed dogs until friends asked her to babysit their Chinese Crested, Chini.

One day she took Chini into the studio and dressed her up, and that led to the series titled ‘Chini Project’ in which she dresses up her friend’s dog as various professions.

ChiniPianist“For a year, I photographed her inside the little sets I would build for her where she was free to act our little human ways. Her photographic journey takes us into the very heart of the human comedy.”

She transforms Chini into a pianist, a rockstar, a chef, a pianist and a skateboarder, amongst many others.

Also be sure to check out “A Day in the Life of My Muse”, the travels of Chini.

HT Design Taxi

Nomination for Mother of the Year

Why would a dog adopt – and feed – a litter of kittens? Or a cat adopt an orphaned fawn? It’s what mothers do. Late for Mother’s Day, but sweet on any day.