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Bridget Pilloud

Bridget Pilloud is a professional intuitive animal communicator. By telepathically communicating with animals, she helps pets increase understanding, resolve conflict and improve relationships with their human companions.

Bridget believes that intuition is an important part of the human-pet relationship, and that we can all intuitively talk with our animals. She teaches intuitive animal communication classes and workshops in Las Vegas and throughout Oregon, as well as online at www.petsaretalking.com

PawFun blog posts by Bridget Pilloud

Ask the Pet Psychic: Did I know my dog in a past life?

chops summer 09

Max and Shelley went to a garage sale looking for a mini-chopper. They came back with this beautiful boy. They named him Chopper, of course.

Max wanted to know if she and Chopper had past lives together. Chopper said, “Nope, but I was Shelley’s dog before.”

Chopper showed me a little white and brown spotted dog. He looked like a Jack Russell Terrier. He was in the arms of a smart red-haired woman in a dark purple dress with a matching hat. He was a big JRT.

I ask when and where, and hear “Oklahoma, 1932”.

Chopper showed me Shelley and this dog getting in the back of a Model A Ford. Squeezing in between a man and a woman, squeezed in like sardines. The woman complains bitterly about having to sit in the back with that dog, to which Shelley says “Well, that’s your problem!”

Max said it sounded just like “Shelley”. Nice to know how some aspects of ourselves get carried forward. And nice to know we may meet our friends again.

Ask Pawfun’s Pet Psychic: What do animals see and smell?


I don’t know why, but in all my conversations as a pet psychic, it never occurred to me to ask my pet clients what they could see. I often ask them how they are feeling, but asking what they are seeing just never occurred to me. It makes sense that they are experiencing our conversations in a multi-sensate way.

This morning, I had a lovely conversation with this fellow, a horse named Willz. And I made a discovery!

Here’s how our conversation went:
After I greeted Wilz, he said, “Those are some nice flowers.” (I have a bouquet of white mock orange on my desk.)

Me: “Thanks! You can see them?”

Wilz: “I can see them and smell them!” 

I asked, “Can you see me?”

“Of course.”

“What do you I look like to you?” (more…)

Pawfun’s Pet Psychic: We All Can Talk With Animals

clemPeople who study animal communication in my workshops must make several leaps to successfully talk with animals.

They must suspend their fear and disbelief long enough to sign up and pay for the workshop. They must try to connect and talk to animals with relative strangers over the phone. They must try again when they are wrong. 

What drives all my students is the same: the thrill and joy when they connect with their pets. The deepening of the relationship that happens when their pets understand them and vice versa. 

I love the feeling when they get an answer right.

I love that little intake of breath that I hear over the phone. 

And I love stories like Clem’s.

Remembering Clem
Clem was Peggie’s beloved, ancient 8 pound poodle. He was mostly blind, nearly deaf, but he still knew when dinnertime was. Peggie had adopted him as an older dog and he was a dear, dear friend. 

I met Peggie when she asked me to talk with Clem, to see if it was his time to go. He was emphatically not ready to go. He loved his life with Peggie, her husband and the rest of the pets in their household. 

Peggie took my animal communication workshop, and one day, I received this email:

I think I had a conversation with Clem.  At the time it seemed very real, but now 2 days later I’m having my doubts. It was very emotional, the emotion just welled up in my chest and throat, and he did have a couple of odd phrases, so it was either real or I have a very vivid imagination. I also didn’t do any of that grounding or connecting stuff, so this is another reason I have doubts. 

So anyway, on Sunday hubby and I were on a day trip to Charleston and we were driving along and the sunroof was open and it was a bright sunny morning. Music was on the radio and I was just very relaxed and so I asked Clem in my head if I could speak with him and I hear a voice say “well, of course” and we spoke for maybe 10 or 15 minutes.  (more…)

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June 16, 2009

Pawfun Pet Psychic: A dog, a bottle of Tums, a queen-sized attitude…

Star's picture courtesy of reikifurbabies.com

Star's picture courtesy of reikifurbabies.com

Candy has a boxer named Star, who is smart and sassy. Star has a thing for Tums. A few days ago, she ate an entire Costco-sized bottle of Tums. This wasn’t her first time to the Tums rodeo. She’s sneaky and quick and can open doors. 

Her mom asked me to ask Star to please stop ingesting large amounts of Tums. Starr was unrepentant. 

Bridget: “Star, honey, it’s not good for you to eat a bottle of Tums.”

Star: “I like them. I like their sweet chalky taste.” 

Bridget: “I appreciate that, but you really shouldn’t eat a whole costco-sized bottle of them.”

Star: “Why should I listen to you? What do YOU know?” 

Bridget: “I can read the bottle!”

Star let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she’d do what she wanted, when she wanted. That, she said, is just the way it is. 

The next day, I contacted Star to see how she was doing. She said that she would never have another Tum again. Ever. She promised. 

Candy is going to invest in baby locks, I think.

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Ask the Animal Communicator – When Pets Pass Away

sammy_angel_jv1A Pawfun Blog reader writes: Dear Bridget: I am in mourning over the loss of our family pet who we put down yesterday. I want to know if she is happy, will we see her again in this life time, and can she comfort my daughter who is distraught over her passing?

Pet psychic Bridget Pilloud of Pets are Talking, says: I am so very sorry about the loss of your pet. It’s heartbreaking when we lose our friends. I can’t answer your questions specifically without a consult, but I would love to talk about pets passing away and the other side. 

When pets pass to the other side, they lose the burdens of the physical world. Their physical pain goes away. Their emotional pain goes away. Any confusion or concerns they may have in our world is gone.

Animals on the other side are happy, so very, very happy. They have great joy. They harbor no ill will towards their family and friends still on earth. Owners tend to have regrets and guilt. Animals on the other side are beyond forgiving. They tend to say, “You’re still thinking about that? Get over it! It’s fine!” (more…)

Pets are Talking – a rare turtle grants a rare interview: “People need to relax”


This gorgeous creature is the world’s last known Female Yangtze Soft Shell Turtle.

She’s eighty years old. I hope I look that good at eighty.

She lives in a zoo in China, where officials have pinned their hopes on her successful mating with her 100 year-old gentleman friend.

Turtles are quite relaxed. They talk very slowly. Last week, I asked her how she was. She showed me that her front left hand hurt.

I asked about mating and she told me that she’d really like it if everybody would back off and not put so much pressure on her. “People need to relax,” she said.

Then, I asked her the question I really wanted to know. How does it feel to be the last female of her species?  She said, “That’s ridiculous. I’m not the last female of my species. I know there are more out there.”  She showed me a secluded spot and three or four beautiful soft shells sunning themselves, and swimming in the water.

I asked, “You’re sure they’re out there somewhere?”

She said, “Yes, and I’m not saying where. They’re hidden.”

It feels good to know that there are hidden places, untouched by humanity, where turtles can swim in peace.

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Watch your words when you talk to a horse!



Sometimes animals take the things we say quite literally. 

My friend Kyya is working with a horse named Robby, a young paint gelding who’s not a huge fan of people.

Kyya brought Robby in to have his teeth done. The vet gave him a sedative, and Robby stumbled, fell and rolled around in the pen.

He got up, dazed and confused. 

As the vet put his hands on Robby’s poll and his jaw to see if he was all right, he joked, “Well, it looks like his head is still attached.” 

Robby heard this, bit the vet, and knocked him over.  

Later, I asked Robby what he was thinking, and he said, “I thought he wanted to take my head off.” 

It’s especially important with horses, that you say what you mean, and mean what you say.

It’s not the size of the dog…

Meet Munch…



Munch lives in Portland, Oregon. Munch is tiny. Teeny tiny. He weighs about 10 lbs soaking wet. But he’s formidable whenever he sees another dog.

Munch and I talked about a lot of things the other day, but one of the most important things was about his name. 

He says he likes his name okay, but it kind of makes it seem like a bigger dog could eat him. 

I asked Munch- “What would you like to be called?”

He said, “Sergent Bilko”.  (more…)

Pets Are Talking: A Conversation With Shermie, Bruiser and Sandola

My clients, Christy and Mike have three dogs.  Shermie’s a beagle. Bruiser is a dachshund. Sandola’s breed is your best guess. 



Shermie and Bruiser are such characters. They both make me laugh from deep in my belly. When I asked Bruiser to describe Shermie, he said, “He’s my friend. My big dumb friend.”

I have to admit, I didn’t expect their sister to be as interesting. Bruiser had said that she was very sweet to him and that she had a cool bed. Shermie had said, frankly, that she was nice but “she didn’t do anything cool.”   

I was amazed and touched to talk with her yesterday. She’s a deeply intuitive, purpose-filled dog. 

Her job, as she describes it, is to bring calm to her household. She does this by being calm. She describes herself as a shepherd. She doesn’t bring calm to her household by force, but instead does it by being her kind, happy self. 



Sandola is older, but she’s still very busy. She told me twice that she wasn’t ready to be done here. She needs to do her job. She is deeply invested in her purpose. 

She also told me that she’d like a soft-boiled egg, one that you put in your mouth whole, and then you chomp down and the yolk oozes out. 

We talked about her intuition. She was concerned about a cat that she had left behind at the shelter. When two intuitives get together, they can use each other’s energy to strengthen their own. By using my energy, she was able to find out what happened to the cat. He is now living in a home where he is happy. It helped her feel better, I think. 



After I finished talking with her, I went on to my next client. I noticed somebody was tagging along.

I said, “Sandy, what are you doing here?”

Sandy said, “I want to see how you do this.” 

I’m looking forward to talking with Sandy again soon. 

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A squirrel with a potty mouth

simonMy clients, Cindy and Robert, have four cats. These four have been friends for years. Then a few months ago, Simon (top left) started chasing and beating up Ginger (bottom left). Ginger took to hiding out under the bed. 

Cindy and Robert were worried for Ginger, who was miserable. Simon was cranky. 

I tuned into Toby, their chatty gray tabby, who likes to dish the dirt, and asked “What’s the deal with Simon and Ginger?”

ginger“Well,” Toby said, “Ginger said something nasty to Simon, and she won’t apologize. So Simon says he won’t let her out until she does.” 

Then Simon told me that Ginger had been sitting in the spot he wanted, next to Robert’s chair. So he tried to push her out of his way. Ginger hissed and called him a “f$%kface”.  

I snorted coffee out of my nose. Simon was so upset that she’d say something like that to him. 

You take that back!
Simon told her to take it back. Ginger said, “No way.” So, Simon says he’s making her stay under the bed until she apologizes. I told him I’d try to get her to apologize. (more…)