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Dr. Jill Elliot

Dr Jill Elliot DVM, MSW is a homeopathic veterinarian who practices in New York City. She's the co-author of Whole Health for Happy Dogs, and she's also Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle's vet. Pawfun.com Blog asked Dr Elliot to explain how homeopathy works.

PawFun blog posts by Dr. Jill Elliot

Ask Dr. Elliot: Is it against the law not to vaccinate your indoor cat?

badcatAfter Pawfun’s recent post, Are Annual Vaccines Harmful to Your Dogs and Cats?, a Pawfun Blog reader asked:

“I live in Westchester County NY and have two indoor cats, and would prefer NOT to vaccinate them. Am I breaking the law by not doing so?”

Pawfun’s holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jill Elliot, says: The only vaccine that is required BY LAW is the Rabies vaccine. And yes you are technically breaking the law if you don’t give it to your cat.

When was the last time you heard anyone tell you the Rabies police came to their home to check on the vaccine status of their CAT?

As a licensed veterinarian of NY State, it is my duty and responsibility to tell my clients that rabies is required by law. If they insist on not giving the vaccine I can have them sign a waiver in the chart saying they do not wish to vaccinate.

For dogs you can also do a rabies titer (blood test) and if the titer is adequate and the dog has some medical condition that would cause the dog’s health to further decline if the vaccine is given, the vet can write a letter asking for an extension to wait one year and then re-titer the next year.

At the practice in New Jersey where I work, they consider the titer test to be good for three years from date of test.

Ask Dr Elliot: What should I feed my indoor cat? There are too many choices!

A Pawfun Blog reader asks: I have a one year-old indoor cat. With the abundance of information on the Internet, I am confused about the best way to feed him. What do you recommend?

Jill_ElliotHolistic veterinarian Dr Jill Elliot says: The best way to feed any cat is with canned food twice a day. The best cat foods contain no by-products.

Read the labels and buy the foods that do not list “by products” anywhere in the ingredients. Examples of good cat food brands are Wellness, Petguard, EaglePack, Merrick – and there are many, many more.

Canned food has 80% moisture, while dry food only has 15% moisture. Cats are better off getting their moisture from their food rather than drinking constantly. Most cats on dry food drink a lot because they are dehydrated.

How much to feed your cat
One 3.5 ounce can twice a day is right for most 9 to 10 pound cats. Or one 5.5 ounce can (1/2 in the am and 1/2 in the pm).

Ask Dr Elliot: My Cat Has Something in Her Eye, What Should I Do?

cat_eyepatchA Pawfun Blog reader asks: My cat has something in her eye and it seems it can’t be moved. Doesn’t seem to bother her, it’s pretty small, like a piece of glitter or something similar. Should I take her to the vet or will the eye naturally get rid of this?

Holistic veterinarian Dr Jill Elliot says: Buy an eye wash from a pet store and try to wash out the piece of whatever is stuck there yourself. Gently run the eye wash over your cat’s eye from the inside to the outside. If it is something like a flake of something it should wash out. If not, see your veterinarian.