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The Doodle Grooming Blues

January 17, 2011
[caption id="attachment_2842" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Benny\'s latest haircut isn\'t very Doodle."][/caption]
It's been really hard to get my BennyBix Ochman Labradoodle groomed to look like a Doodle, and not a Poodle. It's an expensive proposition to keep my non-allergic, non-shedding boy groomed. He has hair, not fur: hence no dander. But his wooly curls knot and dreadlock near the skin, and so at least every three months, he really needs a grooming.

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Obama Dog Blog: DOTUS will be a Portuguese

February 5, 2009
portugesewaterdogThe Obama Dog Blog reports that rumors are growing stronger that the First Puppy will be a Portuguese Water Dog and not a Labradoodle.

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Vote: Does Benny Need a Haircut?

November 4, 2008

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